We had the privilege of recently working on an Asics print campaign with Jen McKibben at Little Devil Productions out of Barcelona.  Their location list was long and diverse, but the San Francisco Bay Area provided a perfect backdrop for their needs.  The Asics team shot for 7 days straight, using locations from San Francisco, Oakland, Marin and Vallejo.  Here are just a few of the stunning shots from London based photographer, Paul Calver.  We look forward to working with this team and Asics again!

Producer:  Jen McKibben – Little Devil Productions

Photographer:  Paul Calver 

Locations:  Birdman Inc



Last year we created a post about working with Producer Lisa Tesone and Director David Mackie on a futuristic Cable Labs Video.

We were thrilled that David and Lisa returned with another Near Future project this year.

This time they wanted to create a new vision of how future technology will be able to help the elderly stay in their homes longer.  We were able to provide them with 4 full locations for this campaign.

Not only is this team fantastic to work with, but their final results are truly beautiful.

We invite you to watch their final cut below:



This past summer, we were contracted by Lindsay Heimer of NorthSix to scout and complete a full day light study of Sterling Vineyards for their new ad campaign which was to be shot by Norman Jean Roy.

Their concept was a chic, modern spin on the glamorous fashion of the 60’s, set to the backdrop of the architecturally stunning winery terrace and bell tower.

I absolutely loved this concept and think that they did a great job fulfilling their inspiration.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t been to Sterling, I would highly recommend the experience!

Here are a few of our scouting photos and final ads from this project…



Birdman now offers Drone Scouting to their list of services!

We offer stills, video, 2d linked Google Earth mapping and 3d location modeling.

Here are just a few samples from a recent drone scouting project we completed.

Call us for more information.



Client:  VISIBL App

Production:  Maximize Video Productions

Location: Birdman Inc

We were asked to help secure a high end residential property with a pool and a bedroom for a new app that allows employers connect with potential hires. Max at Maximize Video was fantastic to work with and we think the video turned out great.


Production: Patrick Demarchelier
Producer:  Jeanne Fleming
Client: Vogue
Location: Berkeley, CA

We recently worked with Patrick Demarchelier on a project that required locations with a closed set.  Although we knew that he was photographing olympic swimmers, Nathan Adrian and Matt Grevers and NBA All-Star, Stephen Curry, we had to keep a tight lid on this one.  They asked us to find them a swimming pool and gymnasium for an upcoming spread in Vogue magazine.  We just picked up the most recent issue to find the images inside!   It’s always great to see the results of our work.