Production:  Creative Chaos, Inc.
Photographer: Lachlan Bailey  –  Men and Women
Photographer: Benny Horne – Divided and Kids
Client: H&M
Agency: Wednesday
Local Production: Caribbean Crews
Location: Antigua, West Indies

In December of 2014 our good friends at Creative Chaos extended another amazing opportunity to scout a destination location. This time we were headed to the Caribbean Island of Antigua in the West Indies! Our direction from Executive Producer Jenny Friedberg was to cover the entire island in 1 week, focusing on beaches… Oh, how tough life can be sometimes! Luckily we were connected with Joseph (“J”) Rainy and Caribbean Crews. His extensive knowledge of the island and many years of experience working on productions in the Caribbean were quickly put to use. He guided us around the 108 square mile Island showing us nearly every accessible beach and interior region of the stunning country along with a few small islands off the main land. The work was challenging, the days were hot and the hours were long; but a plunge into the warm winter waters of the Caribbean Sea whenever possible made it well worth it! Matt and Jason will always have a place in their hearts for the the Island of Antigua and it’s beautiful people.

The following month Jason returned to Antigua to location manage the 2 week production. The location chosen for much of this work was a stunning remote beach only accessible by four wheel drive trucks. This is where J Rainey’s wealth of experience on the island really came into play… Under his direction, the local crew he assembled made quick work of clearing brush and building a tent city for production complete with restrooms and power! No cell service, but no one was complaining about that. We just immersed ourselves into the clear warm waters rather than into our mobile devices.

Photographer Lachlan Bailey shot the men and women over the first several days of production. The Women models included Natasha Poly, Joan Smalls Rodriguez, Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes. Working with talent of this caliber in a remote location was an experience I’ll never forget! The TV commercial was shot while Jason took a 2 day “break” gearing up for the divided and kids shoots. Benny Horne arrived to shoot the younger models and we had an absolute blast playing, I mean working on the beach! Have a look at the final images below along with some of our scouting images. We are available anytime to return to the Caribbean for your scouting needs!





Final Ads – Women




Final Ads – Men





Final Ads – Divided


Final Ads – Kids


Producer: Jenny Friedberg, Creative Chaos, Inc.
Photographer: Glen Luchford
Client: Cole Haan
Agency: Wednesday
Location: Sun Valley, ID

This past spring we were asked if we had any prior experience scouting in Sun Valley, ID. The answer at the time was no. But that all changed in April of this year! Our good friends at Creative Chaos awarded us the opportunity to make several trips to the area to scout for a Cole Haan fall campaign featuring Dree Hemingway. Dree is the great granddaughter of Earnest Hemingway, her family has ties to the region and she grew up in the Sun Valley area. The scouting trips and shoot were a lot of work but really fun! The scouting mission was challenging as the seasons changed, but in the end we were able to  find exactly what the art directions called for. Including a late 60’s Ford Bronco! Have a look at the results, they speak for themselves. Absolutely beautiful!

The short film shot on Super 8 is spectacular!

Here is what Dree had to say about returning to Sun Valley for the shoot.

Here are our scouting images beside Glen’s final images.

Here are a few more shots from the campaign:

NYC Billboard

In the window of their store in Carmel, CA

Cole Haan Fall 2014 Direct Mail


2014 has been a very busy year for Birdman! So busy that we haven’t posted on this blog since January and our location library now contains nearly 650,000 images! We hope you have a moment to stop by our Facebook page to have a look at some of the locations we’ve visited. Clink the Facebook icon at the bottom of this post to go to our page and view our complete 2014 scouting journal as well as the 2013 and 2012 journals.

Producer: Vann Friesen, Zephyr Photo Productions, Inc
Director: Tyler Gourley
Client: Subaru
Agency: Carmichael Lynch
Location: Private Dirt or Gravel and Paved Roads in Northern California

In the summer of 2013 we were asked to find private roads for an NDA car project. Producer Vann Friesen of Zephyr Productions was in search of paved and dirt or gravel roads for a couple of Subaru models yet to be seen by the general public. Luckily, Marin and Sonoma counties have some beautiful and expansive ranch lands. Over the years we have developed really strong relationships with these types of properties. A shoot like this is not right for every location. In the production world, we refer to the style of driving seen in these commercials as “spirited driving.” We were able to secure 2 properties where the vehicles could perform to their maximum capacities both on and off road. As car enthusiasts, Matt and I are always excited about car shoots, especially when “spirited driving” is involved! Have a look at these 2 exhilarating Subaru commercials and some of our scouting images from this project!





Producer:  Gyorgi Sapojnikoff, Related Production Inc
Client:  AT&T International Roaming
Photographer:  Markuu
Agency:  BBDO
Location:  China, Texas

In November of 2012 we were asked to go to China! Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to go to Texas? Texas you ask? That’s right, the town of China, Tx is where we headed. We did not go to China to scout, although Gyorgi and Markuu did head to Shanghai to complete the layout.

Gyorgi at Related Production has been working with Birdman for many years and he always presents us with exciting scouting challenges! This was no exception… China, Tx is a small rural town roughly 70 miles east of Houston, Tx. Have a look at the final ad below to see why this town was chosen for AT&T’s International Roaming campaign. I came across this final ad while scouting the international terminal at SFO earlier this week. We are very proud of this work and are honored that Related Production continues to trust us with their scouting projects.

We love to travel! And although the San Francisco Bay Area is our home, we are always willing to take our skills outside of the region and explore whatever our clients desire!




We had another great year working with Roe Photo from the Detroit, MI area. For the second straight year we have collaborated on multiple projects for several General Motors badges here in the San Francisco Bay Area. This year we saw the full range from Chevrolet. From the compact Sonic to the full size Tahoe and our favorite, the brand new Corvette Stingray Convertible!

Because the Roe Photo team combines location background plates and CGI’s of the vehicles, we are allowed a lot of latitude with the locations we can present. The final product will often show vehicles in places that they would normally not be allowed. In some cases multiple backgrounds are combined to create a certain look the art direction calls for. Scouting for John Roe and John Kwiecien of Roe Photo is always a delightful challenge and we are excited to continue working with them in 2014! Keep an eye out for those results in the near future!

Here are some samples of our scouting images along side John Roe’s final images seen on the Chevy homepage.