Holiday Wishes from Birdman (and Levi’s)

With the holiday’s quickly upon us, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A fitting post for this holiday season… we are sharing a fantastic commercial for Levi’s that we recently worked on with producer, Rena Fink and Director, Sandra Winther.  Shot in September, we provided locations to shoot multiple scenes of a family on a Holiday Getaway.  Complete with a mountain cabin, rolling hills, rustic roads (fire pit, disco ball and fake snow) we were tasked with providing the locations, maps, permits and location management for this large, client driven project.

The end result was a ‘shoppable’ video that incorporates a newer experience, which allows the viewer to click on any of the products on screen to view and purchase that item. I have linked that shoppable video HERE if you’d like to check it out (Click on the ‘Holiday Getaway’ Video Link).

Such an excellent crew to work with!

A very Happy Holidays to you all!


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